Build exactly what your customers need

Align everyone around your user research process and design better products - faster.

Build a powerful
user knowledge repository
Store all research data in one centralized location
A safe home for your interviews, scripts and notes.
Search, label or query your notes
Get to the bottom of your hypotheses.
Fine-tune your access control
Customize your settings to choose who can access what
Create a user-centric climate
Share your customers' voice with everyone
Know what your users said
Our auto-generated transcripts are upto 90% accurate. We do human verification on request.
Share notes, clips and transcripts
It’s so much better to share voice clippings than docs.
Create video highlights to bring empathy
Stitch together a playlist of clips from different users and interviews.
Design a consistent user interview framework
A collaborative process for distributed teams
Build a foundation for your designers and researchers
A fluid but consistent tagging technique to bring uniformity.
Centralized note taking
Get on calls together. Take live notes together.
Rigorous qualitative analysis
Share a company language to analyze complex data from users across the world.

Works with your favorite product tools

Super charge Zoom into a UX powerhouse
Works with Miro, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Notion, Asana and Qualtrics

Rigorous analysis tool to differentiate insights from noise.

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