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Collecting user feedback is overwhelming. With Marvin, it doesn't have to be.

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A source of truth you can actually trust.

Users don't always know what they need, but they know how your product makes them feel. Marvin helps you distill honest feedback into accurate insights about what makes them tick.

Collect all your research data in one place

Store feedback, cold calls, reports in your research repository

Store absolutely everything in your research repository

All your interviews, notes, quotes, surveys, scripts and more in one centralized spot

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Connect the dots

Search, tag and synthesize your data to find

Search, tag and synthesize your data to find patterns

Visualize your findings to easily spot trends and themes across user groups

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Make quick & user-centric decisions

Share the highlights and insights in clips with everyone

Share the highlights and insights with everyone

Stop playing telephone, and let your user feedback speak for itself

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Save time analyzing your conversations with time-stamped notes

live notes

Record your user interviews. Take extensive notes while you’re at it.

Forget your pen, paper and disjointed docs. Take live notes with your whole team in one place.

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Easy solution for research ops

Recruit and manage participants within Marvin to streamline the research journey

Manage your research panel in one place to streamline the entire journey

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Speed up your research

Make your process simple, searchable and shareable

A repository designed to make research easier for everyone — not just the researchers

Collaborative note-taking

Collaborative note-taking

Capture context & meaning in real-time with live notes

Provide guidance and rigor with standardized questions

Provide rigor with standardized questions

Add a discussion guide to every interview

Organization-level templates

Organization-level templates

Establish a tagging structure to maintain consistency across teams

World-class transcription

World-class transcription

Convert user interviews into highly accurate transcripts

40+ languages supported

40+ languages supported

Record interviews in German, French, Portuguese & more

Cross-project analysis

Cross-project analysis

Uncover patterns & insights across all research

Integrated with tools you already love

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Supercharge your interviews into UX powerhouses

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Integrated with industry-leading tools to connect more dots and enhance your team's productivity

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Rigorous analysis tool to differentiate insights from noise.

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