Our story

For years, when making products for different types of functions and users, we realized just how difficult it is to understand our users' needs. Analyzing qualitative data has always been the key to building better products.

And even now, when we are connected to our users in more ways than ever, it's hard to see the big picture. We believe that better user empathy builds a more usable and fulfilled world.

Our mission
Ignite innovation through user centricity
Our aim is to help companies build better products & services for their customers. We promote user-centricity by making qualitative data readable, reliable and accessible to everyone in your organization.
Our core values
Make something people love
We are builders. Nothing makes us happier than to know that you love what we create.
People first
Our team matters the most to us. We want to create great things together and build a family while we are at it.
Here to help
User satisfaction means everything to our team. We are here to assist our customers whenever they need us.
We love to talk to our users
We want to co-create our product with our users. We love to get in touch and know them as much as we can so we can build the right things for them.

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