Seamless integrations for
smoother operation

We know just how much you love your existing tools. So we make sure that with our integrations, you continue to take maximum advantage of them. All our integrations are designed to become a part of your workflow.
Syncing with your call second by second
Take notes with your live Zoom call
Connect to Zoom and take live notes on any call you want with your whole team.
Import your Zoom call directly
No need to download and upload your calls. You get fetch all your important meeting in 3 clicks.
Recognize speakers automatically
We automatically recognize the meeting attendees and speakers on your Zoom calls to align with your transcript.
Import your Google meeting right from Marvin
Use Google Meet for your meetings? With our Google Drive integrations, you can directly import your recorded audio and video meetings to Marvin. It's super fast and seamless.
Real time syncing with your survey responses
If you take surveys on video calls, this is the perfect integration for you. Marvin syncs your survey responses with your Zoom call. This helps you in going deeper into an interviewees' responses and answers and study them at length.
Wait, there’s more!
Export your notes for
further synthesis
You can export filtered notes, clips, labels, and transcripts from a project directly to a Google Sheet.
Work through complex research with affinity mapping
You can find deeper insights by exporting your notes to a Miro board. We use Miro at Marvin all the time!
Create and assign
Asana tasks from notes
You can convert insightful notes into actionable tasks by creating Asana tickets right from Marvin.

Rigorous analysis tool to differentiate insights from noise.

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