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World’s best consultants use Marvin

to save time, collaborate and make an impact.

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Make sense of complex data faster than ever

Consultants spend 60% less time analyzing data when they have a centralized platform like Marvin. You get control of your time. Your clients get strategic solutions sooner.

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Remember exactly what happened in your meetings & interviews

Your client conversations are your most valuable asset. But it’s impossible to remember who said who said what, and when, or why it matters. Marvin gives you a paper trail of all your customer quotes, transcripts and research data so you can find insights in minutes.

Live notes
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No more scattered sheets and docs

Give your whole team better visibility into client insights, no matter where they’re working from. Bring all your interviews, documents, surveys, reports, notes, quotes and more into Marvin’s research repository.

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Dig deep into the data to pinpoint common themes

Your research says more than you can

Get clear on what your clients need, then use precise data to back up your decisions. With Marvin, you can easily share soundbites, interviews, reports and direct quotes that lead to fool-proof recommendations.

Research panel and insights
  • Less time in meetings. More time on doing.

    Manage your research panel & process in one place to increase efficiency at every step.

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  • Protect your clients with automatic privacy filters

    Our advanced AI can automatically blur faces and remove personal data from videos and transcripts.

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  • Your data is secure with us

    Rest assured - your data is always protected. We are HIPAA, GDPR and SOC2 compliant. Looking for something custom? We are up for that too.

  • World class transcription. In 40+ languages.

    All your meetings are automatically transcribed within a matter of minutes.

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Rigorous analysis tool to differentiate insights from noise.

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