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The best way to conduct, organize and analyze user interviews

The best way to conduct, organize
and analyze user interviews

Our powerful qualitative user research platform elevates the voice of your customers
so you build what they need.

Loved by teams of 2 to 20,000

Find the why behind your users
One Repository
Centralized research repository of all your user interviews

A home for your organization’s user knowledge and qualitative research data, stored in one place. It's all tagged & searchable, so you'll never lose an interview again.

Tagging & Live Notes
Automated tagging, integrated notes and advanced AI

Take notes while interviewing, or tag them later. Our world-class AI picks the right keywords to summarize each user interview and research project. Create a crystal-clear process for your entire team.

Data Analysis
Most advanced qualitative data analysis tool on the planet

Analyze your interviews and find the most valuable insights and quotes from an ocean of notes. Do a quantitative analysis of your qualitative data.

Super-Simple Sharing
Collaborate together to elevate the voice of your users

Give your team a framework to find insights and patterns. Showcase your interviewees' emotions through video clips that bring their perspectives to life.

And it works with tools you already love
With more to come very soon
Your data is secure with us.

We are GDPR and SOCII compliant. Have custom security requirements? We are up for that.

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