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All your user research in one spot. Centralized. Searchable. Shareable.


Analyze hours of research in minutes with advanced AI

Marvin automates the tedious parts of qualitative research so you’re free to uncover rich insights about what your customers really need.

  • Time stamped notes

    Save time with precise time-stamped notes

    Never lose your interview notes

    Mark the exact moment that matters without rewatching hours of footage.

    virtual meeting tools

    Learn more about tagging and live notes

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  • search repository

    Build a repository that works for everyone (not just researchers).

    Super organized research

    Store and tag all your interviews, transcripts, notes, quotes, reports and research artifacts so your whole team can find the user insights they need.

    Learn more about research repository

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  • user insights

    Back your decisions with evidence.

    Connect the dots.

    AI-powered enhancements make it easier than ever to consolidate user insights and find patterns you'd otherwise miss.

    Learn more about qualitative data analysis

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  • share quick clips and playlists

    Share insights with people who don't have the time (or patience) to dig deep into the data.

    Distill your findings into quick clips, highlight reels and interactive reports that showcase your customers’ feedback in their own words.


Streamline the research journey from the very start.

Manage your user interview panel & recruit participants more effectively.

Target the right people, record and analyze feedback, and keep track of important user data — all within one platform.

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Transcription in 40+ languages

Transcription in 40+ languages

Get automatic & accurate transcripts of all user interviews in minutes

Video clips and highlight reels

Video clips and highlight reels

Create playlists of customer quotes to easily share key insights

Automated tagging and analysis

Automated tagging and analysis

Summarize research & uncover patterns with our world-class AI

HIPAA, GDPR and SOC2 compliance

HIPAA, GDPR and SOC2 compliance

Rest assured - your user data is always protected

Privacy filters for extra privacy

Privacy filters for extra privacy

Automatically remove personal data from user interviews

Surveys, audio, video and all kinds of data

Surveys, audio, video and all kinds of data

Bring every single file into your research repository

Plans and pricing

  • Free

    Good for small teams that want to speed up their user research. Limited platform functionalities.

    No credit card required


    per year forever*

  • Essentials

    Good for startups that want to build a culture of design and research. Limited platform functionalities.

    15-day trial


    (Billed annually)

    Credit card only, billed annually*

    Overages apply

  • Standard

    Good for companies with multiple teams that want to work better together. Most platform functionalities available; no custom security, PII or compliance.

    15-day trial


    (5 users min, billed annually)

    Credit card only, billed annually*

    Overages apply

  • Enterprise

    Good for large organizations that want to scale user research and need extra support, security and compliance. No platform limitations!

    15-day trial

    Custom pricing

    (5 users min, billed annually)

    Credit card or invoicing, billed annually*

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