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Reduce your time to insights by days, and save thousands of dollars typically spent on outsourcing analysis.

Marvin user review on G2:

Marvin is fantastic for qualitative research, analyzing both survey open ended and depth / group interviews. The AI analysis and theme identification are next level, making my job more efficient. It's so easy to use.

Survey results analyzed every day by

Show your stakeholders the full story behind your research

Beautiful charts and graphs elevate qualitative data in a quantitative way

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Discover the power of AI in surveys

Automated NPS analysis

Import customer surveys automatically into Marvin, and get powerful insights about your promoters and detractors in no time.

“ How likely are you to recommend Marvin to a friend or coworker? ”

pie chart

Find correlation between responses

Get answers to complicated questions like

What are the biggest pain points of
power users
who gave us
NPS score
9 and 10
during the
last 6 months
and are willing to pay an
annual cost
more than $10,000

Unlock user insights buried in Excel

The fastest way to analyze all that data trapped in spreadsheets and support tickets

Protect the participant data

Get the answers you need while keeping survey respondents’ identity safe

Rigorous analysis tool to differentiate insights from noise.

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