Thousands of survey responses analyzed in minutes.Discover more.
cloud burst of research data and analysis

Harness the power of AI in research

The perfect research assistant for your qualitative data

Finally! A UX research platform that automatically uncovers patterns and insights you’d otherwise miss

Deep analysis in minutes

Literally change the way you work for the better. Get days of research time back.

Thematic analysis

Quantify your qualitative data and automatically group key themes

Emotional analysis

Measure sentiment and truly understand how users feel

Trend analysis

Identify key patterns & emerging trends across all your notes

“ChatGPT” your own research data

Quickly find the answers and quotes you need across your entire research repository

AI's response to a question asked about research data
ask ai functionality on individual files
marvin and cat focusing on research

Drill into single interviews for hidden context

Dig even deeper on one research file

Works with audio, video, survey and doc files

Discover the power of AI in surveys

Thousands of survey responses analyzed in seconds

Remember when you had to spend so many hours manually analyzing surveys? Well, not anymore. Just upload the survey to Marvin, and our AI will sort those responses into themes for you.

survey analysis
Google Forms

Organize rich insights with built-in canvas and Kanban boards

canvas boardspace scooter

Built on your existing research and design workflows

Export your data to Miro or Figma to do affinity mapping where you’re already comfortable.

Centralize all your insights and evidences

report docsclips and playlists
Curve block

Visualize your qualitative research data

Your research is complex — but spotting user patterns doesn’t have to be.

Use charts, graphs and data visualizations to effectively communicate your findings to stakeholders. Sophisticated tooling gives researchers a more nuanced understanding of large swaths of data so you can draw meaningful conclusions across qualitative user research.

Works with your favorite product tools.

Super charge Zoom into a UX powerhouse
Integrated with Notion, Miro, Google sheets, Google Drive, Asana and Qualtrics

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