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Live Notes

The first AI note-taking app for researchers

Save time tagging your user interviews with automated note taking and transcripts

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  • Union

    Let AI do the work for you

    Never miss a moment that matters

    Our AI note-taker jots down time-stamped insights, so you can have deeper conversations with the person in front of you.

  • virtual meeting tools

    Record & transcribe your calls for free

    Collaborate on research no matter where you are

    Take notes together in real time, then edit and tag the transcript later so all your thoughts are in one place.

    Record & transcribe
  • Capture moments that matter in real time

    Make your research more effective with taggable templates and discussion guides

    Marvin is the only research repository designed to speed up your research workflow from beginning to end.

    Taggable templates and discussion guides
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Live stream your interviews effortlessly

Research backrooms like the good ol’ days

Invite your whole team to watch a virtual interview or focus group even if they aren’t on the meeting invite. They’ll see what you see in real time and can capture their own insights and context using Live Notes.

Live stream your interviews

Works with your favorite product tools.

Super charge Zoom into a UX powerhouse
Integrated with Notion, Miro, Google sheets, Google Drive, Asana and Qualtrics

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