Our users spend 50% less time on qualitative analysis

Our users spend 50% less time on qualitative analysis

Back your results with precise data
Centralized platform for new and old projects
Perfect for remote teams in different time zones
Less time spent on meetings, more on doing. All interviews are stored in one easily accessible place
Pull quotes on the go
Talk to real people
Find actual interviewee quotes in minutes.
No need to maintain 100 different docs for your notes.
Streamlined process for user interviews
Designed to increase productivity at every step
Transcripts with up to 90% accuracy
Our self-learning AI transcribes in all languages.
We also offer human verified transcript.
Take live notes to save time
Get on calls together. Share your insights together.
Analyze together.
Rigorous analysisof thousands of notes
Find unique insights and patterns
in a matter of seconds

Works with your everyday tools

Works with Miro, Notion, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Asana and Qualtrics.
Closely integrated with Zoom

Rigorous analysis tool to differentiate insights from noise.

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