All your user knowledge in one single place available for everyone in your company to access. Get unlimited storage and never misplace a file again. No need to maintain hundreds of documents. It’s safe, secure and shareable.

Expand your user knowledge
Record and store your users’ needs, desires, anxieties, opinions & thoughts together.
All this data just a few clips away categorized by users' demographics.
Keep projects private
Share only what you want to
Not sure if you’re ready to share with your team yet? The project owner decides who gets access. Share or unshare whenever you want. You have complete control.
Keep track of everyone
Add information about your interviews and interviewees
You can add as many properties to your users as you like. Their revenue, location, status, anything you want. Use this data to compare and analyze your notes.

Works with your favorite product tools.

Super charge Zoom into a UX powerhouse
Integrated with Notion, Miro, Google sheets, Google Drive, Asana and Qualtrics

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