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How UX Leaders Can Design Change for the Whole Company

The co-author of "Changemakers" is joining Marvin to share her essential playbook for anyone who wants to design people-centered change.

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Designers see every challenge as a problem to be solved. Which is why your UX & research teams are in a prime positive to design change in the workplace.

UX leaders have the unique skillset to make connections that spark innovative ideas. 

Christopher Ireland, one of the authors of “Changemakers: How Leaders Can Design Change in an Insanely Complex World,” shared her first-hand lessons from leading strategic design initiatives for powerhouse clients like Apple, Coca-Cola and General Motors.

How UX Leaders Can Design Change in a Radically Complex World

We invited Christopher to share her personal experiences designing change with some of the biggest creative brands of the past three decades.

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Key Takeaways about How to Become a UX Changemaker

Christopher covered many key takeaways from her experience as a UX Design Changemaker.

You’ll discover….

💡The framework for moving through resistance to change
💡Why it’s a mistake to skip good research and jump straight into problem-solving mode
💡How to refine your communication & empathy skills to win over stakeholders
💡Ways to set realistic expectations & goals around change initiatives 
💡Examples of building effective partnerships with users, clients & colleagues to co-create positive change

About Our Speaker: Christopher Ireland

As co-founder and CEO of Cheskin, a firm that pioneered design research in Silicon Valley, Christopher and her partners had ringside seats to unrivaled feats of creation, innovation, and reinvention.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000’s, she led teams exploring topics like how teens adopt trends, how music relates to mood, the history of residential architectural styles, the power of play, the play differences of girls and boys, the emerging culture of “cool” in China, the development of trust online, and the meaning of color around the globe—to name just a few.

Christopher’s ability to create simple explanations of complex human behavior and to translate those insights into effective design and development strategies won her the trust of clients from both technology and consumer goods companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Pepsi, Levis, GM and more. She and her partners sold Cheskin in 2007, and she transitioned into teaching leadership and design strategy courses for Stanford University’s Continuing Studies Program.

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