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Beautiful Design Isn’t Just for Airbnb

How design entrepreneurs are transforming the unsexy world of B2B products.

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The big consumer brands are known for their beauty and style. But design is the unsung hero behind B2B companies too.

Think about it: A designer’s one job is to guide us from Point A to Point Z in an effortless, efficient way. Done well, and product design is directly responsible for revenue growth and customer admiration. 

So how do you start shining a light on your UX design team’s heroics?

How Design Entrepreneurs Are Transforming B2B

We brought together two entrepreneurs who designed a successful company together — and continue to reshape the world of design. 

Product design leader Dave Rolnitzky and our CEO Prayag Narula discussed everything you want to know about being a design entrepreneur. (Like perhaps, what exactly IS a design entrepreneur?)

They’ll also revealed their secrets about…

  • How to build an effective design team with limited resources

  • The importance of a good discovery process

  • Why your design team needs a seat at the leadership table

  • What they wish they could go back and do all over again if they were to launch LeadGenius today

Want to learn more about how to support your design team? Check out “Five Design Principles for Your User Research Process.

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