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How Marvin Helps Me Conduct Productive and Effective Technical Interviews

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I work for Marvin, where we are making software for researchers and consultants who are hard-core interviewers and are mostly very meticulous about it. Marvin, which is typically used for qualitative research, proved useful in conducting technical interviews and establishing a set of standards for how to effectively conduct technical interviews. Through using this tool, I was able to save approximately 20% of the time spent on each interview with the help of Marvin.

Finding the right candidates for a position can be a difficult and time-consuming task, and conducting technical interviews can be challenging.

It can be not easy to accurately evaluate a candidate’s skills and abilities in just an hour or two. My experience with technical interviews over the past five years has taught me that some people may excel in interviews but struggle in their actual job, while others who may be excellent at their job may not necessarily perform well in interviews. This creates an additional challenge for interviewers in assessing a candidate’s suitability for a role.

Challenges conducting technical interviews

Time constraints 🕒

Adhering to time limits during an interview is crucial, as it allows for a fair and equal assessment of all candidates. It also ensures that the interviewer has sufficient time to cover all necessary topics and evaluate the candidate’s responses thoroughly. While staying within the time constraints can be challenging, it is an essential aspect of…

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